Bad reviews can be a killer to your bottom line! Have you had upset clients post malicious reviews online or even worse have you had unscrupolous competitors slander your good name on the web?

Bad Reviews?

Discount Reputation Repair can boost your online presence by spotlighting your positve  online presence and supressing negative content that is hurting your profits and we can do it Fast! 

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You worked hard to build up your good name and your business but because of the power of the web everything you built can come crashing down with the a few malacious key strokes.

Protect Name .

Roughly 3 out of 4 of U.S. adults believe it is very important to look up info about people and/or businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them. 

What pops up when you Google yourself or your Business?

We Can Help! We have the knowledge & experience.

The Secret of Success

We take a multi prong approach to bolster your online reputaion from many differnent points of attack because no two cases are the same this increases the chances for a successful outcome in a faster amount of time.


Yes its not easy but some negative content can really be removed from the Google Index permanently.


If you can’t get it removed then  the next best thing is to push the content down and we are experts and getting it done.


There are two sides to every story so why not make your story known? If you can’t delete or move it then we neutralize it.


You have many wonderful and good things to share with the world . Are writes make you really shine online.

We Can Get You to 5 Stars Fast!

We can get you Five Stars on Google Reviews, Yelp and other sites.  Have a bad Rating with the Better Business Bureau ? We can get you to an A+ rating in 45 days or less! We will assign a team of specialist dedicated to your file and we will set realistic expecations and timelines amd work within your budget.

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